Are owls good luck or bad luck?

are owls good luck

Owls have become popular in recent years and have always been associated with wisdom and intelligence. But are owls good luck or bad luck? In this article, we explore how owls have been represented in different cultures, symbolism and dreams to help you decide whether having an owl in your life represents good luck and fortune.

Are owls good luck?

There are many animals that are a sign of good luck. What about the owl?

If you’ve recently had a dream about owls, you keep seeing them or you have an owl totem that you believe is bringing you luck, you’re probably wondering whether this wise creature brings good luck or bad luck. There’s most likely a hidden meaning in your owl dreams or a reason why you keep seeing them!

Let’s firstly look at how the owl is represented in different cultures!

are owls good luck

Owls in Greek Mythology

The Greek goddess Athena saw an owl for the first time and was impressed with the Owl’s appearance, especially her eyes. As a result, some statues of Athena featured her with an owl, which shows she had respect for the animal and believed that Athena often took the form of an owl whenever she was standing before her people at important gatherings.

In addition, it is said that owls inhabited the Acropolis and protected it, and when the Greek army went to war, the Owl was the army’s protector. An owl flying over the Greek army was a sign of victory. This certainly was the case between the Greeks and the Persians. The Greek army was victorious thanks to the flight of an owl that Athena sent to the war as a messenger.

Owls in Chinese culture

In Chinese and other Asian cultures, the Owl was associated with wisdom, intuition, and protection. But are owls good luck in Chinese culture? Some believe that owls are bad luck due to their nocturnal habits and the ability to see in the dark. Overall, though, the Owl is good luck. It’s been found in ancient sculptures and legends, along with the phoenix and dragon.

owls good luck

Owls in Native American culture

In Native American culture, it is said that there is a certain animal designated to every person. The selection is determined by the date of birth. For people who are born from November 23 to December 21, the animal symbol is an owl. But are owls good luck according to  the Native American culture?

However, not all Native American factions have the same point of view regarding the Owl’s symbolism. The Pawnee sees the Owl symbolizing protection, while the Ojibwa believes that it is a harbinger of death. For the Pueblo culture, a certain ‘Skeleton Man’ is considered both a god of death and a spirit of fertility and associated with an owl.

Obviously, Native American cultures have diverse views on owls, from one end of the spectrum to the other. Another strong belief that Native Americans have is that an owl symbolizes ‘control’ through psychic powers.

Owls in totems

According to the tradition of the Native Americans, those who have a totem with an owl are adaptable and easy-going in life. They can also be adventurous, flexible, artistic, sensitive, witty, and lively. However, it is said that they too can hold grudges and become self-absorbed.

Owls in Celtic Lore

In Celtic lore, the Owl is a traditional symbol for being a warrior with honor. The wisdom that an owl warrior has can provide knowledge to the path of the underworld. This is due to the Owl’s zero tolerance to any form of deception.

The fact that it is nocturnal symbolizes that it can be a messenger whatever time of the day, in between the Earth realm and the ‘higher plane.’ Just like the Native Americans, owls are agents of the underworld while being symbols for fertility. The Celtics are proud to utilize the owl symbolism on their clothing.

Owls in Christianity

While owls hold divine symbolism in many mythologies, the animal also has sacred significance for religion as big as Christianity. Certain icons and images that depict the Owl’s holy representation are discovered way before reading and writing skills can be commonly acquired. There are at least 5 groups of verses that mention owls or owl-like creatures in the King James’ Bible.

Biblical references for owl symbolisms

• Leviticus 11:13-18 – Jews must not eat certain owl breeds due to kosher dietary rule
• Psalm 102:6 – A person’s difficulty compares to him being an owl in a desert
• Isaiah 13:21 – The owl is part of an example of Babylon’s impending devastation
• Isaiah 34:11 – Owls become casualties of a city’s destruction
• Deuteronomy 14:15-17 – Confirmation to the kosher dietary rule

are owls good luck

Owl in dreams

While many regard the Owl in full consciousness, having it appear in a dream can’t be explained by any mythology or religion. Are owls good luck when they’re in your dreams? According to oneirology, the in-depth study of dreams, having an owl appear can symbolize various things. They can be positive or negative, depending on the animal’s specific appearance.

Oneirologists link the Owl’s relevance to the dreamer’s search for attention about walking down the path of life. It may be born out of the unconsciousness to the things that mattered or a strong innate realization. The Owl is just a manifestation of all those things combined.

Here are the different owls a dreamer might see and the corresponding meaning behind it:

● Single Owl – symbolizes that awareness of one’s surrounding is highly required
● Many Owls – symbolizes your need to accept the good advice others gave you
● Flying Owl – symbolizes forthcoming family problems
● Black Owl – symbolizes spiritual awareness and awakening
● Dead Owl – symbolizes the death of someone, either the dreamer or a loved one
● Barn Owl – symbolizes a great financial situation for the coming future
● True Owl – represents the struggle in fighting insomnia
● Snowy Owl – represents temporary happiness and peace
● Common Owl – represents the need to focus on one’s life and a need for change

Owl encounters and omens

The views on owls written in historical, divine-driven literature can be different from the interpretations when they appear in dreams. However, another set of owl superstitions can give it a different meaning if one encounters it. If you happen to encounter an owl that is hooting, it is said that you will be receiving terrible news.

This can be health-related, either about you or any of your loved ones. It can also be a premonition to a betrayal that can lead to your downfall and most likely caused by the people around you. Generally, an owl appearing right in front of your eyes is like telling you to check your surroundings.

There is no clear explanation why owls are bad luck when you seem to encounter them. If its appearance doesn’t bring a bad omen, then it might be just a warning sign to you. It may sound like being paranoid but being attentive to the clues for something that can happen in the future might be the whole gist of it.

Final Words

The Owl’s strange nature is solely responsible for its cryptic reputation. Being a creature akin to darkness truly adds mystery to the superstitions being handed down like traditions. Whether owls have good or bad luck, it will still be up to a person to determine his/her own fate.

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