What does it mean when you dream about a frog?

dream about a frog being kissed by a princess

Have you had a dream about a frog and wondered what it means? Dreaming of a frog can have many meanings. It can have different interpretations depending on what you do or what the frog does in your dream.

In this blog, we look at the many different meanings behind dreaming of a frog and what this could mean for you and your life.

dream about a frog

What does it mean when you dream about a frog?

The meaning may denote a blessing, love, fertility, success, and rebirth. Dreaming of a frog can be a sign of spiritual change.

Dreaming of a frog can be a sign of good luck and great things to come however dreaming about a frog can sometimes mean bad luck in the form of bad fortune or sickness.

Dream about a frog: The frog as a spiritual animal

A frog is known for its characteristic of inhabiting the water. It embodies the water element, the representation of life, and signifies purity of the soul.

The frog connects us to the spiritual world in that aspect. It guides us in overcoming every stage of life transition, especially when we take the step of cleansing our soul from wicked deeds.

Do frogs bring good luck?

Frogs are good luck for business.

In Chinese Feng shui, a frog represents wealth and success. If you’re a business owner, it’s a good idea to have a golden frog in your place of business to attract fortune. Those who follow Feng Shui often have golden frogs in places around their home that attract wealth and prosperity, such as the wealth corner.

Meaning Of Dreaming About Frogs

Frogs in a dream can be interpreted as a good omen. Dreaming about frogs can mean something good may happen in your life, family, work, or business.

However, frogs can also mean something unpleasant could be around the corner in your life.

There are different meanings of dreams about a frog. The dream can be explained based on the size of the frog and color. How it appears, where it appears, what it does, and what you do with the frog can also be the underlying explanation.

To give you an idea of which dream has a good or awful meaning, I have listed some interpretations of dreaming about frogs.

dreaming of a frog small green frog on tree branch

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Dreaming of an enormous frog

If you dream about a gigantic frog, it may indicate that you have uncertainty about something. Another meaning is that you and your partner may encounter conflicts in your relationship.

Dreaming of a little frog

If you dream about a cute little frog, this could mean a smooth process of achieving big plans for your future.

Dreaming of a fat frog

A fat frog in a dream may suggest success. You may soon achieve goals you have set yourself.

Dreaming of a green frog

It could mean a mishap. You or your loved ones may be involved in a tragedy.

Dreaming of a red frog

A red frog represents a hint of metamorphosis. You may encounter alteration in your life or in your career. This could be a time of great change!

Dreaming of a gold frog

Dreaming about a Gold frog means you are about to see things differently. Your views in life may be transformed.

Dreaming of a yellow frog

When you dream about this color, it implies that you may be suffering from a distressing experience.

dream of a frog blue frog

Dreaming of a blue frog is a sign of healing. Photo by Thierry Fillieul from Pexels

Dreaming of a blue frog

Blue frog has the contrary meaning of the yellow one. It could be a sign of healing.

Dreaming of a black frog

The black frog denotes an unrequited feeling. If you see a black frog in your dream, it means that you may have constrained emotions. You better let it out! And give yourself inner peace.

Dreaming of a white frog

White frog may mean good luck that great things may happen to you.

Dreaming of a dead frog

Seeing a dead frog in your dream could be an indication of giving up something. If you’re currently in a situation or relationship that you wish to end soon, having this kind of dream may be a sign to do so.

Dreaming of a frog’s eggs

For those women who are planning a family, you’ll be happy to know that dreaming about the eggs of a frog may convey fertility.

Dreaming of a frog in your house

A frog in your dwelling place could be a sign of wealth and success. Something may happen to you that will bring luxury to your table if you dream of a frog in your house.

Dreaming of a frog in a bed

You can look forward to more moments of romance when you have dreamt about a frog in your bed. The frog can also represent a love affair with another person.

Dreaming about swallowing a frog

I know it sounds absurd to have such a weird dream. However, you might want to change your mind later on. Swallowing a frog in your dream is a sign of affluence. That being said, a frog symbolizes prosperity. Eating the frog means you are welcoming wealth openly.

frogs in a dream green frog on tree branch

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

Dreaming of holding a frog

Holding a frog in your dream could be interpreted as having disturbed emotions. You may be keeping unaddressed feelings for a specific person.

Dreaming of stepping on a frog

Having a dream about stomping on a frog represents the desire to step on other people. To wield authority among the weakest people is your ultimate yearning.

Dreaming of catching a frog

Capturing a frog may be an indication of poor well-being. You may be experiencing problems with your health.

A final word about dreaming of a frog…

Dreaming of a frog can mean many different things depending on the frog itself and what’s happening with the frog in your dream. Most meanings centre around good luck and prosperity however a frog in your dream could also be a message that something in your life needs more attention.

The interpretation of dreaming about a frog isn’t enough to verify the truth. A dream is merely a link between our unconscious and conscious mind with our emotions, thoughts, and memories generating vivid images.

Its meaning can be explained through Psychology, Religion, and Philosophy. Our pattern of behavior, the innate instinct of animals, and the natural characters of nature can also be the basis for interpreting a dream.

However, the meaning isn’t the truth at all but only a representation. Therefore, dreaming of a frog is just a representation of something related to you and what’s going on in your life right now.

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