What to keep in wallet to attract money

what to keep in wallet to attract money

Did you know that you could actually attract wealth by keeping some things in your wallet? In this article, we share what to keep in wallet to attract money and prosperity.

As most people know, money can’t exactly buy happiness but being financially stable allows us to focus more on searching for our purpose and what makes us genuinely happy.

When people struggle to survive in this day and age, money finds its way to those who “attract” it.
According to the Chinese “Feng Shui” tradition, there are strong energy lines that connect every soul to the Earth and Universe.

Because of these, even the slightest change, such as putting something, removing an object, or changing the color of your wallet, can contribute to prosperity and abundance.

To give you a clearer idea of how this works, here are some wallet Feng Shui tips to attract wealth.

What to Keep in Wallet to Attract Money

When it comes to what to keep in your wallet to attract money and prosperity, some items are believed to attract different types of energy. To manifest wealth, your ultimate goal should be to bring positive energy into your wallet and remove negative energy.

Fortunately, these items aren’t hard to find and are usually just sitting around your home. Some examples of what you should keep in your wallet are:

• Silver Coins

On top of the list are silver coins. Having silver coins is believed to attract abundance in wealth and calmness to a person.

Therefore, you should keep silver coins in your wallet not only because it is money but also because it is metal.
This is because, in Feng Shui, the metal element is associated with freshness and clarity. It also symbolizes abundance making it a must-have for good luck and prosperity.

• Brass and Silver

Brass and silver objects also symbolize the metal element of Feng Shui, which means that it attracts the same energies that silver coins do. Therefore, keeping something brass or silver in your wallet can help you attract wealth.
In addition, it is also more convenient than coins, as you can choose a smaller and less space-consuming object to place in your wallet.

• Banknotes

Another excellent way to attract money is to always keep some money in your wallet and make sure it doesn’t become empty at any time. Keep your money looking new, neatly stacked, and not crumpled. The higher the dollar value, the better.
Lastly, if you don’t have budget constraints, keeping $108 in a separate section of your wallet attracts more positive energy and wealth.

good luck stones

• Stones

In Feng Shui, stones represent the Earth. Thus, stones attract nourishing and stabilizing energies that can keep your sources of income more stable.

What makes it even better is that these stones don’t have to be large. Green and black stones are recommended if you intend to increase potency.

• Debit Cards with a High Account Balance

Keeping debit cards with a high account balance is also an excellent way to attract the spirits of saving. By keeping these in your wallet, money will be easily drawn to you.
Having an active membership card is also a plus and could manifest success, growth, and abundance.

• Rice Grains

As rice is a staple food in Asian cultures, it symbolizes abundance and good life, according to Feng Shui. Having rice grains inside your wallet also prevents you from impulsive spending.

Preferably, you should keep 21 grains in your wallet to keep the positive energy flowing into it. However, it would be best if you also replaced them regularly to preserve their freshness.

keep sea shells in wallet to attract money

• Seashells

A while back, seashells used to serve as a form of currency. Because of this, seashells are considered of high value in certain countries. They are believed to contain spiritual powers that can relieve stress and enhance a person’s wellbeing.

Therefore, keeping seashells in your wallet is believed to bless the holder with better decision-making skills, intuition, empathy, adaptability, and imagination that allows them to attract wealth.

Lastly, aside from the objects mentioned earlier, there are also some medicinal and rare items like the Peepal Leaf, Kamal Gatta, and Gomti Chakra that you can put in your wallet for better chances at attracting wealth, although these are slightly more difficult to find.

what to keep in wallet to attract money

What Not to Keep in Your Wallet

Here are the things that should be removed and kept away as they interrupt the entrance of positive energies in your wallet.

• Old and empty wallets
• Torn and old banknotes
• Receipts
• Expired cards
• Many credit cards
• Provocative photos
• Trash
• Medicines

Wallet Color to Attract Money

Aside from knowing what’s inside, another way to attract money in your wallet is to be aware of the Feng Shui colors.
After all, regardless of what’s inside your wallet, this will all be put to waste if you’ve chosen a color that rejects these energies. For the best wallet color to attract money, choose from the following:

• Black – Represents career advancement and prosperity
• Brown – Increases savings
• Green – Manifests new sources of income

In contrast, here are the wallet colors to avoid:

• Red – symbolizes the color of fire, which means it may burn everything it touches
• Pink – attracts idealism and immaturity
• Yellow – takes away wealth as quickly as it arrives
• Blue – makes money flow out from your wallet like water
• Purple – energy is too strong

It is also best to buy rectangular wallets instead of irregular-shaped ones because different shapes attract different forms of energy, according to Feng Shui.

This means that if you mean to attract money, then your wallet should be of the same shape. You should always keep its contents neat and organized.


Of course, these tips on how to attract money in your wallet or the whole idea of Feng Shui may not be realistic to some. However, it is worth a shot for people with big goals.

After all, this is a form of manifestation, and manifestation will always be powerful, especially when paired with a strong will and unwavering determination.

However, in the end, it all boils down to how a person manages their expenses and looks for ways to broaden their horizon, all the while being humble and never forgetting where they come from.

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