Orchid flower meaning and symbolism

orchid meanings and symbolism

Do you ever wonder about the orchid flower meaning and symbolism, and why they’ve been so popular throughout the years? Giving flowers to someone else isn’t just about selecting a random bunch of flowers- there are meanings and symbolism behind each type of flower.

In this article, we look at the orchid flower meaning and symbolism, especially the black, pink and white orchids.

Orchid flower meaning and symbolism

Language transcends words. The same way a slight quirk of the lips tells us a hint of a person’s emotions or an abstract painting shows us the artist’s state of mind, flowers too, convey their own messages. Their beauty holds fascinating symbolism that captures heartfelt feelings that are sometimes difficult to express with words.

Orchids, in particular, are very widely used for gift giving. They make good gifts for these reasons:

  • They require little care and last long. Orchids are the right choice to give to someone who has little time to take care of them or is green-thumb challenged. Unlike other flowers, they only need to be watered once a week, and most of them do not necessarily require direct sunlight. This means that they can be kept inside the house and still last long.
  • They do not cause allergies. The usual problem with gifting flowers is that they could trigger allergies in some people. But orchids do not have any loose pollen grains; thus, the risk of allergy is lesser than any other flowers.
  • They provide a personal touch. The thing about orchids is that they symbolize a number of very personal emotions. Because of their luxurious look and the knowledge of what they represent, they never fail to make the receiver feel special. Whether it’s last-minute or well thought out, it’s a gift perfect for any occasion.
  • They are visually appealing. Because of the orchid’s beautiful texture and luxurious look, it does not require any special arrangement for gifting. Its beauty alone is enough to serve as a gift.

The History of Orchids

Orchid was derived from the Greek word “orkhis,” which means “testicles.” This was named after the Greek botanist, Theophrastos, who noticed that orchids resembled the male anatomy. Thus came the orchid flower meaning and association with fertility, virility, and sexuality. Orchids are also generally considered to represent love, beauty, strength, and prosperity.

Traditionally, orchids are a popular gift for new husbands and wives, especially in Chinese culture. It is said that orchids symbolize the unity of marriage and bring the promise of many children. Orchids are given to drive away evil spirits that may cause barrenness.

Ancient Greek culture believed that eating the orchid’s tubers could allow the parents to choose the sex for their child. If the father ate the thicker, fleshier tubes of the orchids, the child would be a boy, but if the mother ate the thinner and smaller tubers, the child would turn out to be a girl.

In Victorian England, on the other hand, orchids meant luxury. They became a symbol of status and wealth for the English people.

Finding the right type of orchids helps a lot in expressing how you feel. You wouldn’t want to give your friend a flower that represents ‘passionate love.’ Or give your romantic partner on your anniversary a flower that only signifies friendship.

To help you out, here are a few types of orchids along with their meanings and symbolism.

orchid meanings and symbolism

Black orchids meaning and symbolism

Black orchids are typically found growing in Asia and America. They are an extremely popular type of orchid, especially in the 19th century. The black orchids are probably the most intriguing among the different types of orchids. Its meaning has been debated for a long time and has been attributed to different origins and genres.

Generally, the color black is seen in a negative light and is usually used as a warning sign for people to stay away. But this type of flower is so mysteriously beautiful that people can’t help but be drawn to it hence why the black orchid meaning is duality. On one hand, it screams off death and evil, but on the other, it has this allure that draws you in.

As for the black orchid symbolism, it’s been long known to symbolize an elite group of people due to its soft and luxurious appearance. Although the color typically symbolizes death and witchcraft, the black orchid also suggests power and absolute authority. It also represents luxury and high fashion.

It can also be a sign of success and achievement or confidence in achieving goals and plans. It’s a thoughtful gift to give to a highly successful student or to your boss.

Pink orchids meaning and symbolism

When you think of the color pink, you think of love and romance. But the meaning of pink orchids does not revolve around those two concepts alone.

Pink orchids represent femininity. It symbolizes innocence and grace and can also suggest happiness and joy. As much as pink can be the color of seduction, it can also be the color of gentleness and playfulness.

This type of orchid has also been considered to symbolize healing and tenderness. It often makes for a very comforting ‘get well soon gift. Pink orchids can also represent friendship.

Pink orchids are also traditionally used to celebrate 14th and 28th wedding anniversaries.

White orchids meaning and symbolism

The white orchid’s meaning revolves around beauty. It symbolizes innocence and purity of sentiment. You’ve probably noticed that white orchids, in particular, are among the widely used flowers for gift giving.

It’s never absent from ceremonies, weddings, and funerals especially. They’re perfect for giving wedding ceremonies that exotic, elegant, and unique touch. As for funerals, they’re meant to convey sympathy and/or everlasting love for the deceased. They’re also thoughtful gifts to bring to a christening or a new baby’s birth.

White orchids meaning can also symbolize admiration and respect. Gifting this to someone does not necessarily convey any hidden romantic messages. But that doesn’t mean it can’t. It’s a perfect flower to give to relatives or friends or a romantic partner.

Final words about orchid flower meaning

Just as our language of words has rules to determine which ones are appropriate for which situations, so too does the language of flowers. Now that you understand the different meanings and symbolism of the different orchids, the next time you struggle with the right words to express how you feel, you can whip up your own orchid bouquet or arrangement to give to your treasured loved one and make them feel special.

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