6 Lucky Plant In Front Of The House

peace lily lucky plant in front of the house

Want to know the best lucky plant in front of the house? In this article, The Lucky Antler shares the 6 best lucky plants that every home should have in its front yard for good wealth and fortune.

Since ancient civilization, people have used lucky plants in their front yards because it’s believed to ward off evil spirits, negative energy and bad luck from their homes.

Feng Shui experts say that almost all plants create positive energy or chi because of their nourishing property. Some plants bring good health, good fortune, good luck and romance into the house if planted in the right direction or location. Plants that attract money are also used in interior decorations or landscaping.

It’s important to understand which plant should be planted near the front door, yard and indoor.

lucky plant in front of the house


6 Lucky Plant In Front Of The House

Here are the 6 lucky plants in front of the house:

  1. Lucky Bamboo
  2. Jade
  3. Sage
  4. Rubber Tree
  5. Peace Lily
  6. Pachira Money Tree

When decorating the entrance of your home you have to consider planting these front house lucky plants that may bring great fortune to your home and your family members. These good luck plants are readily available at online shops offering garden supplies, plants, and planters.

bamboo lucky plants in front of the house

Lucky Bamboo

Also known as Ribbon Plant is said to release a chi or positive energy that summons wealth, happiness, and prosperity. The chi that flows from within the hollow structure of this pipe-like plant is released into your home to create a calming effect on your mind and soul.

It’s easy to care for a bamboo plant- simply place it in a large vase with pebbles and water or plant it in a pot with soil and place the pot near the front door or outside the front of your home. This plant can thrive on both water and soil, even without direct sunlight.

jade lucky plant in front of the house


Jade is believed to be a money attracting plant so we’ve chosen it as a good lucky plant in front of the house, whether by your front door or in your front yard.

It helps nourish your family harmony, improve good health, and brings luck when starting a business.

The steady growth of a jade plant can also represent the stable accumulation of wealth and long life of the owner. It’s believed that as its leaves hold water it also holds wealth and fortune. It’s best to place this plant near the front door, as there is a popular Chinese proverb “Jade by the door, poor no more.” It’s easy to care for the Jade plant because it loves bright, direct light for more than four hours each day and not into so much water.

sage lucky plant in front of the house


The Sage plant has a powerful cleansing quality, according to Feng Shui. It helps in reducing unpleasant and negative energies in an environment. It represents immortality, longevity, wisdom, and the granting of wishes.

Sage is believed to bring luck and good health into your homes when put in front of the house. It’s also a very useful medicinal plant for a digestive problem, memory loss and heartburn. Like most plants, a sage plant requires a lot of sunlight for it to grow into its best forms.  

We recommend planting Sage as a lucky plant in front of the house, in an area of your yard that gets a lot of sunlight.

rubber tree lucky plant in front of the house

Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is usually planted as a lucky plant in front of the house to help purify the air and help introduce balance to your living environment.

Feng Shui practitioners say that it attracts wealth, prosperity, positive energy and good luck into the household.

The rubber tree creates an aura of a natural, stress-free environment and positivity. It’s believed that touching its rounded leaves before entering your home will remove the negative energy and fatigue that you may have gotten from outside. 

The rubber tree grows between 6 to 10 ft. and is easy to take care of. It’s a lucky plant in front of the house.

peace lily lucky plant in front of the house

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a great plant for your home to help clean the air and evoke a sense of harmony.

According to Feng Shui experts, peace lilies help bring good luck and welcome fortune into their owners and everyone living under the same roof. This is why we’ve chosen it as a lucky plant in front of the house.

Peace Lilies have air-purifying properties that help eradicate foul odors and prevent bad energy from entering your home. Its graceful large green leaves that dance with the wind and dazzling white flowers create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your home’s facade.

pachira money tree lucky plant in front of the house

Pachira Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica or popularly known as the money tree is often used as a feng shui adjustment to bring prosperity and good fortune into the house. This is definitely a lucky plant you want to have in front of your house.

The stems are often braided, symbolizing interconnectedness and longevity. Three stems can represent new beginnings while five relate to the five elements most Chinese put red and gold ribbons on the money tree’s stems to attract more wealth and positivity.

It’s also an easy plant to care for it grows outdoors and indoor besides can tolerate lower light environments. It’s also used as a welcome plant which you can place on the front of your house.


These are some popular and easy to maintain Feng Shui lucky plants that are very pleasing to the eyes and bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and good health to your home. When planting front house lucky plants, check for the ideal conditions required and use the most suitable soil and position in your front yard.

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