Lucky feet superstition

itchy feet superstition

What are the lucky feet superstitions that bring you good luck and help you avoid bad luck? We look at the different superstitions and spiritual meanings relating to lucky feet.

In many cultures around the world including Europe, China and North and South America, carrying a rabbit’s foot is said to bring you good luck.

But surely there are less gruesome ways to attract good fortune?!

There are many superstitions relating solely (pardon the pun) to our own human feet, with some dating back thousands of years.

Lucky Feet Superstition

Morton’s Toe

Is your second toe longer than your big toe? This is known as Morton’s Toe, Morton’s Foot or Greek Foot, and many ancient artists and cultures believe that it is a mark of beauty, dominance and intelligence – good fortune indeed!

You will find that many of the renowned statues from ancient Greece, and even New York’s Statue of Liberty, all have a second toe larger than the big toe.

Morton’s Toe however is not always lucky, as it may lead to problems such as pain in the ball of the foot and calluses, so a trip to your local podiatrist may be in order …

Lucky Red Shoes

For thousands of years in China, red shoes were considered to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Red shoes are still a favorite with many women around the world, perhaps because wearing red is seen as a mark of status and power. This may hark back to days of old, when red shoes were only worn by nobility – for example, during the reign of French King Louis XIV.

Lucky Socks

According to research published in Psychological Science, wearing those red shoes or lucky socks isn’t just about projecting an aura of power or status to others. Indulging in a little superstition can actually boost your self-confidence or performance, whether in sport or studies!

Itchy Right Foot Superstitions

There’s a superstition surrounding an itchy right foot. If you have an itchy right foot, this means that you have an upcoming journey that you need to prepare for.

There is a connection between this superstition and the saying “having itchy feet”, meaning that you’re wanting to change a situation and move from one place to the next.

A Sporting Chance

Former Australian Cricket Captain Steve Waugh would obviously agree. Waugh believed in putting his best foot forward when leading his team onto the cricket field; being right handed and right footed, that meant stepping out with his right foot first.

As we review his impressive cricket career – including leading Australia to the most test wins in history – it does make a strong case for his little superstition!

But the luckiest all would have to be our rabbit friends – because with all these different lucky charms and superstitions to choose from, there is really no need for them to have to sacrifice their own furry feet!

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