Is rain on your wedding day good luck?

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Is rain on your wedding day good luck? Rainy days often bring mixed feelings. To some, it’s a sign that the heavens are open and they are about to experience good. For others, this may signify doom and other unfortunate events.

However, what does rain signify for couples on their wedding day? This article will look at if rain on your wedding day represents good luck or it is just an old wives tale.

Is A Rainy Wedding Day Good Luck?

When it comes to planning weddings, one of the most significant worries couples face is the weather. This is especially true for outdoor celebrations.

Rainy or cloudy weather on your wedding day can dampen the mood and the photos could come out less vibrant and dull. The bridal party and guest’s clothes can also get dirty, which might just turn the whole day sour.

However, some people believe that rain on this special day brings good luck, but how true is this?

Is rain on your wedding day good luck or a myth?

Hindu culture: rain on your wedding day good luck?

In some cultures, rain is a sign of good luck because it’s associated with bumper crops growing, so if it rains on your wedding day it can be a sign of a long and healthy marriage.

In the Hindu culture, rainy wedding day good luck brings longer-lasting and stronger relationships since they believe it is more challenging to loosen a wet knot.

In other cultures rainy wedding days signify renewal or cleansing of some sort and wiping away past difficulties. Others believe rain on this beautiful day represents the final tears of the bride.

There are those who believe rain on a wedding day is a bad luck symbol. These people think rain embodies sadness, and each raindrop represents tears the bride will shed throughout her marriage. According to other naysayers, thunder and cloudy skies imply a trouble-filled marriage.

Thankfully, most of these superstitions remain in the past; nowadays, most couples don’t believe these negative superstitions.

Focus on the positives of a rainy wedding day: a rainbow can make your pictures spectacular. You get to see your wedding vendors at their best, trying to re-strategize and solve the problems caused by the rain. Bright, colorful umbrellas used by your bridal party also make a great photo prop!

Overall, the rain will be an interesting addition to your wedding day.

is rain on your wedding day good luck

Be prepared for a rainy day wedding

Since no one can tell the weather what to do or not do, it is always best to prepare for it. Even weather forecasts aren’t always reliable, so just consider possible unexpected circumstances. You can also consult your vendors and even your wedding planner on setting a backup plan.

If your wedding is being held in an outdoor open space, it would be best to have an indoor plan B. In addition, you may also decide just to ensure that there are enough umbrellas, rain boots, warm beverages, and throws for your guests.

So, don’t ruin your special day by spending a lot of time thinking of what the weather will be like. Instead, remember that in a few years, when you look back on your wedding day memories, the rain will most likely be the last thing on your mind.

Rainy wedding day good luck aspects

On the other hand, you can consider rain good luck on your wedding day because of the following reasons:

1. Awesome Wedding Photos

Have you seen pictures of couples taken under the rain with a beautiful umbrella over the head? Those kinds of photos are so beautiful, especially if the photographer is brilliant and skilled. In addition, tent weddings with the right decorations are also very remarkable.

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2. More Creativity

Your vendors will be on edge while improvising many things on that day to avert disasters. To do this successfully, they have to bring their best creativity and professionalism to deliver superb results to you their clients. In fact, most times, the couples are glad about what the outcome is.

3. Good Luck

At first, when the weather report shows the possibility of gloomy weather, this may cause you to feel anything but lucky. However, more often than not, this is usually a sign of good luck. So be happy, whether it’s in the rain or sunshine. After all, it’s your special day, so enjoy it.

4. Extra Comfort

There is something nice and comfortable about the idea of sitting in a cozy tent, sipping warm beverages, and listening to slow love songs.

While nobody seems to talk about it, outdoor weddings can often be uncomfortable, as the guests may have to spend some time swatting away flies and mosquitoes. There’s a positive aspect to having an indoor wedding!

5. Lucky flowers

Attract more good luck on your wedding day and in your marriage by choosing lucky flowers such as orchids, peonies or magnolias.

Here’s some more rainy wedding day inspiration from Bride Magazine UK.

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Is rain on your wedding day good luck? A final word…

Is it good luck when it rains on your wedding day? Well, our answer to this is yes. Rain is a gift from nature.
If you’re already planning an indoor event, you might have little to no worry about this. However, if your wedding will be held outdoors, you might be thinking about the weather.

Whether your wedding day will be memorable or not will depend on your mindset; other things, like the weather, are secondary. So, it would be best to enjoy your day, regardless of what the weather’s like that day.

Ensure that you get the right people on your side, especially those who can stand up to any challenge that might come up. Weddings are beautiful, fantastic, and unforgettable. Yours will also be the same, so have faith and hope for the best.

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