Is seeing a Praying Mantis good luck?

is praying mantis good luck

Have you ever wondered what a Praying Mantis symbolizes? What does the figure of a Praying Mantis mean? Is Praying Mantis good luck?

In this article, we will delve into how different cultures view the Praying Mantis and the superstitions behind it. Learn whether the Praying Mantis is good luck and if so, how the luck comes to you.

is praying mantis good luck

What is a Praying Mantis?

A Praying Mantis is a long, slender insect that can be seen in gardens or shrubberies. They are carnivorous insects that prey on other smaller insects. When fully grown, a Praying Mantis is about the same size as a teacup.

They are called Praying Mantis because of how they look. Their front legs are arched in front of them, making them look like a person kneeling and praying. As for their diet, they prey on smaller insects such as small grasshoppers, moths and flies.

Praying Mantises stay in green shrubs and plants. Although they are common in gardens and other places where there are many plants, it’s not always easy to find a Praying Mantis. This is because they don’t move a lot, and they are very good at camouflaging themselves.

What do Praying Mantises eat?

Believe it or not, the Praying Mantis has a large appetite! When young, they like to feast on insects such as aphids, mosquitoes and caterpillars. When they’re older, they eat crickets, beetles and grasshoppers.

Is Praying Mantis Good Luck?

Many believe that the Praying Mantis is a symbol of good luck. When you see a Praying Mantis, it can mean luck in a number of different ways.

When Praying Mantises hunt, they are very patient. They will always wait for the perfect moment to attack and capture their prey. They are very precise, and they don’t rush things. They only strike when they feel like the chance of capturing their prey is 100%. They are smart enough to know that if they move too fast, get impatient, or be too anxious, it will cause them to fail.

The Praying Mantis is the perfect representation of the saying that good things always come to those who wait. This is the very core of good luck. You don’t rush into things. You do the best that you can in the present, and you must be patient and good things will come to you naturally.

If you see a Praying Mantis in your dream, or when you encounter a real live one, or even in a picture on the internet, it could signify that good things are coming for you. All that you have to do is be patient and wait for your good luck to arrive.

Many people believe that Praying Mantises bring good luck. However, this would immediately turn into bad luck should you hurt the insect.

Some cultures believe that if a Praying Mantis hops on your arm, you will meet someone important or someone important will come into your life, which you will treasure a lot.

Suppose a Praying Mantis hops or lands somewhere on your head. In that case, it means that you will receive some form of recognition or appreciation. Lastly, if you see a Praying Mantis kneeling, it signifies that there are angels around you.

is praying mantis good luck

African Beliefs About The Praying Mantis

The Kalahari Bushmen who reside in Africa believe that the Praying Mantis represents the oldest symbol of the divine. They believe that whenever they see a Praying Mantis, it is the heavens that are trying to communicate with them. Thus they try to decipher its message. In this form, the Praying Mantis is good luck.

There are many places wherein there are images or perhaps sculptures of Praying Mantises. Have you ever been to those places? Or perhaps, has a Praying Mantis ever appeared in your dreams? I guess you might not have placed too much value on it, but the Kalahari Bushmen in Africa believe that God is trying to send you a message. What do you think?

What Does the Praying Mantis Symbolize?

We humans have always been curious. And in our curiosity, we tend to attach different meanings to different objects or animals. This is our way of attempting to connect to the universe and affirm our divines’ notions. As for the Praying Mantis, many people consider it the messenger of the universe or the divines. Is Praying Mantis good luck? It could be, if the message is positive.

Several ancient cultures use totems with figures of insects engraved on them. They believe these symbols to represent something or perhaps hold some power such as good fortune or good health. Many ancient cultures believe that these totems have meanings and clues that can help us better understand ourselves whenever we are in a state of confusion and doubt.

As for the Praying Mantis, many ancient cultures believe that they come to us whenever we are in search of serenity and calm. It may come to us in the form of dreams, illusions, figures, drawings, or in real life. The Praying Mantis usually appears to us when we are under extreme stress, when we feel overwhelmed by life, and need peace and respite the most.

is praying mantis good luck

Image by Florian Pircher from Pixabay

Do Praying Mantis Bite?

Praying Mantises have no venom and cannot sting, so they are harmless to humans.


Praying Mantises have a lot of beliefs and superstitions surrounding them.  The Praying Mantis spiritual meaning is the delivery of a message from the heavens.  If you’re wanting to attract more luck into your life, seeing a Praying Mantis could help you with a message from God, which is a sign of good things to come. Is Praying Mantis good luck? We like to think so!

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