9 Powerful Good Luck Crystals To Change Your Life

good luck crystals citrine

If you’re looking for crystals for good luck, we’ve put together a list of the top 9 crystals for good luck whether you’re wanting a crystal for yourself or to give as a gift.

Crystals have become a popular way to attract more good luck, fortune, abundance and prosperity into your life. There are many different crystals with unique properties and ways to use them in your life to help with different goals and challenges.

Good luck crystals can be left at a special part of your home to attract good luck or you can carry it around with you. Many like to use crystals for good luck during meditation, drawing the energy from the crystal.

good luck crystals citrine

9 Powerful Good Luck Crystals To Change Your Life

There is a wide range of crystals that will bring you good luck and fortune.  Powerful good luck crystals to bring change to your life are:

  1. Citrine- The lucky merchant’s stone
  2. Malachite- Stone of transformation
  3. Green Aventurine- Stone of opportunity
  4. Amazonite- Stone of hope
  5. Tourmalinated Quartz- Stone of power
  6. Labradorite- Stone for serendipity
  7. Peridot- Money stone
  8. Moldavite- Extra-terrestrial stone
  9. Rose Quartz- Stone of love

good luck crystals citrine

Citrine (The Lucky Merchants Stone)

The number one on the list is Citrine. Known for its ability to avert negative energy, Citrine could help you see a silver lining in every situation and find a solution when a problem arises.

It radiates uplifting energy that could help you be more inspired, creative, radiant, and happy. This positive energy crystal brings joy, warmth, and a new beginning.

Citrine may be your perfect choice if you long for abundance, wealth, and prosperity. It is known as ” The Merchant’s Stone” for this reason, and is used by people who want more good luck in their business.

good luck crystals malachite
Malachite (Stone of Transformation)

Malachite is known as The Stone of Transformation. It might help you with the transitions in your life since it stimulates clear thought and controlled emotions.

Malachite is best described as the healing green of nature. It clears out negative energy in your life so you’re left with positive energy in your body and your aura. With its helping hand to remove anything that makes you unwell or distressed, Malachite is the best aide to heal physical and emotional concerns.

good luck crystals aventurine
Green Aventurine (Stone of Opportunity)

Green Aventurine is a great meditation partner that brings powerful Earth energy to see what life has to offer with our best effort. It’s a great good luck crystal as it may assist you to persevere at times when you feel like giving up because you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for.

It can help strengthen kids and teenagers and is said to boost intellect among children struggling with schoolwork. Green Aventurine is a great crystal for exam success- if you’re a student or your child is a student, carry this crystal in your pocket during an exam.

Green Aventurine can also attract love. It can encourage a love for those seeking intimacy in their mature years.

good luck crystals amazonite

Amazonite (Stone of Hope)

Another crystal for good luck is the Amazonite. Amazonite brings a wide range of benefits to the table, especially when it comes to our physical health. This blue-green semi-precious stone is best known for its healing properties that could regenerate cells for people with a fatal illness.

Amazonite is a superb manifestation tool that may rid you of doubts, fears, and worries so you can conquer challenges, obstacles, and setbacks in life.

It helps with changing your perspective and turns the coin when you are about to cease making an effort. Amazonite can prompt you forward in life.

Tourmalinated Quartz (Stone of Power)

Tourmalinated Quartz stands out from other crystals. It has exceptional properties which work by absorbing and altering negative energy. A great companion during meditation that clears the mind and promotes inner peace.

It has other healing properties, such as helping you promote self-acceptance and self-love; let go of things that cause you to stress, and elevate serenity and peace of mind.

More so, Tourmalinated Quartz can magnify personal power that will protect you. Its properties let you realize your potential so you can overcome disappointments in life.

Labradorite (Stone for Serendipity)

Labradorite can arouse your intuition, telepathy, and prophecy. Its vibration is thought to evoke psychic gifts and escalate the appearance of synchronicity in your life, making you more confident of taking any course in life, exhibiting your feelings, and going after your aspirations. It holds a broad level of protection and could bring staggering changes in life.

Labradorite can eliminate nasty habits, unwanted thoughts, and an unpleasant feeling that impedes you to accomplish your goals. It can dispel uncertainty and fear and reinforce trust in oneself and the universe, making it great for disclosing the truth behind a deceptive appearance.

good luck crystals peridot

Peridot (Money Stone)

This particular stone can attract money and wealth. Its manifestation in the flow of prosperity and growth in abundance can be remarkable.

Peridot’s energy influences not just wealth but all aspects of your life. It brings vigor to your work life and ventures, bringing more success to businesses.

It also can bring better emotional well-being and may help you create joy and love in life.
The stone would be best for interviews and meetings since it could improve the mood in the room.

good luck crystals moldavite

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Moldavite (Extra-Terrestrial Stone)

Moldavite may be best for beauty enthusiasts. Its energy can help you to slow down the ageing process — a revitalizing stone, as they call it. Owning this one-of-a-kind good luck crystal would make you find the prime purpose of life. It allows you to alter how you live, especially the lifestyle that harms your health.

Some users of this crystal claim that it could improve your knowledge and can ease your troubled mind enabling other body systems to function at maximum capacity.

good luck crystals rose quartz

Rose Quartz (Stone of Love)

Are you a hopeless romantic? Rose Quartz might help you with that. It is said to discharge powerful energy which allures an intense feeling of affection, pure love. The good luck crystal indicates both giving and accepting love, as other people averred.

Rose Quartz is good at mending troubled relationships by helping promote sympathy for others. It brings about more humanity and kindness and motivates self-love and a sound mind.

Rose Quartz can be beneficial to your health too. It can speed up healing, improve your skin tone and enhance brain activity.

Good Luck Crystals- One Final Word

There are different good luck crystals available depending on what you’re wanting to improve in your life. Whether for love, wealth, success, better health or a calm life, using good luck crystals either in your home or carrying one with you will help you bring better luck to your life and to those around you. The powerful energy of a crystal can’t be ignored- and is something worth holding onto when you need help with your energy and state of mind.

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