9 Beautiful Flowers For Luck And Prosperity

flowers for luck peonies

Buying someone a bunch of flowers? Why not choose flowers for luck to bring them more abundance, good fortune and prosperity? In this article, we share the 9 most beautiful flowers for luck and good fortune. Whether you buy them as a gift or for yourself, you’ll be sure to help attract good luck.

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9 Beautiful Flowers For Luck and Prosperity

What are the best flowers for luck? Flowers for luck include:

  1. Orchid
  2. Peony
  3. Lotus
  4. Chrysanthemum
  5. Plum blossom
  6. Magnolia
  7. Lily
  8. Hydrangea
  9. Bulb Flowers

Flowers make people feel good, it also brightens the mood and makes places look good. It’s part of people’s lives and the highlight in every important event like weddings, birthdays and graduation.

Giving flowers for luck is a long time tradition, whether it’s for best wishes on a new business, for a student going on competitions, or when you are wishing someone to get well.

Flowers are also a great decoration for your home but it’s better to have live flowers because they bring strong healing energy and good luck. There are several lucky flowers that you can strategically place in your home as suggested by feng shui experts.

flowers for luck orchids


In Feng Shui practice, orchids are believed to enhance family luck and fertility. The colour of the orchid plays a part in determining its influence. Pink orchids can bring a harmonious relationship. White orchids bring peace into a household while violet orchids are said to be the luckiest flower. This pleasing-to-the-eyes lucky flower is made into tea when dried.

flowers for luck peonies


Another flower on our list of flowers for luck is the Peony. This lucky flower originated from China, where it’s said to symbolize nobility, honour, and wealth. In Feng Shui, it’s considered as one of the lucky flowers because it attracts fortune and happy relationships. It’s best recommended to plant in your front yard. Aside from its beauty that brings luck to your home Peonies have medicinal properties.

pink lotus flowers for luck


The lotus is India’s national flower and is a symbol of purity in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. The lotus is often confused with water lilies because of its bowl-like shape. There are very many species of lotus, most are single flowers with 12 petals but there is a double-flowered lotus which can have over 100 petals. The lotus flower or lotus lucky flower symbolizes the ultimate perfection and clarity. Lotus is a potent Feng Shui cure for a healthy and harmonious home.

dark pink chrysanthemums flowers for luck


The Chrysanthemum is one of the best flowers for luck in the world, and in western countries they are known as the Mother’s Day flower. It has different variations and colours like pink, lavender, yellow, white and gold. In China, they represent longevity and good luck. While in Japan, the chrysanthemum is the symbol of its emperor. Gold chrysanthemum flowers signify wealth and prosperity. These lucky flowers are used in landscaping home gardens because of their beauty and easy maintenance.

pink blossoms flowers for luck

Plum Blossom

Plum blossoms are undeniably lucky flowers that signify long-lasting beauty because their flowers bloom even if the plant and its branches appear to be dying. This distinct tree species is related to both the plum and apricot trees. It also symbolizes success through adversity, nobility and longevity. It’s also believed in Feng Shui to bring good fortune and good luck and is used in East Asian cuisine.

pink magnolias flowers for luck


When choosing flowers for luck, another great choice is the Magnolia. This is a lucky flower that is presumed to give homeowners a lot of prosperity and wealth. Planting a magnolia tree in the front yard brings contentment to the people in your household, also luck and positive chi into your home. Its flowers symbolizes endurance and long life. It’s believed that red magnolias bring more luck and the white shows purity. This is a great decoration near your front door when planted in an elegant pot.


Lilies are calming, peaceful and elegant plants that are also lucky flowers as most Feng Shui enthusiasts believe. A single blossom or a mass of blooms uplifts the spirit and attracts good luck into your home. As you look at the lilies in bloom, you can feel the positive energy or chi coming from them. Most people place Lilies near the main door to welcome luck or in a meditation room for the calming effect.

hydrangea flowers for luck


Hydrangeas are very popularly grown around the world because of their beauty and the positive feelings they bring to the person looking at them. When given as a thank you gift it radiates gratefulness and love. According to Feng Shui experts, purple hydrangeas symbolize prosperity and abundance. When in bloom, Hydrangeas are believed to be flowers for luck and when put near the house entrance or porch can invite good fortune into your home.

yellow tulip bulbs flowers for luck

Bulb Flowers

Narcissus and other bulb flowers are given as gifts for loved ones because they bring luck to the receiver. It said that when you need help in your career or you’re aiming for success, these lucky flowers should be placed near your working table because as these flower bulbs open, it will also open opportunities and success to you.


Next time you’re buying flowers to give someone, choose flowers for luck and select the most appropriate flower for the occasion. You’ll not only bring them a smile but also send luck and positivity. Or buy yourself a bunch and bring more good luck into your life!

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