Make a wish: dandelion symbolism, myths and luck

dandelion symbolism

Kids are fascinated with dandelions. I bet you remember finding them as a kid, closing your eyes and blowing on them while also making a wish at the same time. Dandelions have a connection with our wishes and dreams, so let’s take a look at dandelion symbolism and meanings in the world of good luck.

You would’ve first encountered dandelions as a kid.

They’re a yellow wildflower that turns to seed, which is when kids play with them. Something about the dandelion blowing in the wind intrigues kids.

Dandelions grow almost everywhere, on the sides of the road, in fields or even in your backyard.

The seed heads look like a circle crowns of soft cotton but as you look closer it looks like mini flowers. The seeds color is almost white like cotton. These seed heads are the ones you wish upon.

Dandelion symbolism: a symbol of hope

The Dandelion is a symbol of hope, like the sun. It shines happiness, joy, positivity and youthful thoughts, much like a good luck crystal can.

It brings people back to the time when they were still young and had no worries.

The yellow flower symbolizes the sun that gives power, good wishes, positivity and most of all hope.

This hope pushes people to persevere and be more diligent with their work and in fulfilling their life goals.

It also symbolizes endurance and determination to overcome obstacles and challenges that life throws.

Dandelions are also great in adapting to their environment like some people are also great in allowing themselves to adjust to any situation while spreading positivity and warmth to everyone surrounding them.

Many also believe that Apollo, the Greek god of the sun and medicine, used the Dandelion as his medicinal healing plant. Dandelion’s spiritual meaning is that Apollo will cure illnesses when offered to him while the sun shines.

Dandelions bring prosperity and good luck

Dandelions are flowers that are part of our childhood, making wishes while blowing the seeds away in the wind.

Even adults wish while blowing on a dandelion because it is believed to attract good fortune and that spreading the seeds in one blow brings good luck and the wish will come true.

Dandelion good luck flowers have also been included in bridal bouquets because it’s believed to bring prosperity to the newlyweds.

In recent years, the dandelion symbolism has shown up in tattoos, in fashion and art to show their quest for joy and fulfillment of their wishes.

The Dandelion also symbolizes flexibility, agility and tenacity, as Dandelions are one of the most versatile and resilient flowers that can grow anywhere.

Golden yellow or fluffy white Dandelions represent childhood and innocence.

Dandelions good luck flowers also make people reminisce about their happy childhood and the memories of hope and dreams giving them motivation as adults to not ever give up and hold on to that faith that everything will turn out great, like when they are children.

Dandelion myths and superstitions

There are many folklore superstitions regarding dandelions.

One popular belief is that when you blow a dandelion into the air, its seeds carry your thoughts and dreams to loved ones.

Another belief is that if you can blow all dandelion seeds in a single breath, then whoever you love will love you back but if you can’t blow off all the seeds, then who you love may not feel the same.

Other superstitions include blowing on a dandelion to predict the weather and tell the time.

Some people would predict rain just by looking to see if a dandelion, when seeded, is closed like a folded umbrella.

Others believe that the number of breaths it takes you to blow all of the dandelion seeds indicates the time.

In ancient times, dandelions were referred to as the “shepherd’s clock” because dandelion flowers open at the first sign of light and close at sunset.

One final word

We can attach whatever meaning we like to the things in our lives, and if it brings us good luck or a positive feeling, then go for it!

Whether you believe the dandelion symbolism we’ve shared in this post or have your own, embrace them, have fun and enjoy these simple pleasures such as picking a dandelion and it blowing it, like you’re 5 years old again!

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