Attract more wealth: 17 crystals for money manifestation


Using crystals for money and abundance is a great way to add an extra tool into your daily manifestation practice.
Whether you’re meditating, journaling, reading tarot cards, using essential oils or something else, having crystals for abundance and wealth is just another addition to your repertoire. Plus crystals are a lovely item that you can use as décor, or pop into your pocket as a good luck charm!

Many people want to increase their chances of gaining more money, success, and fortune. In fact, this is the reason some people have turned to crystals to attract money or to just attract good luck.

So here’s our guide to the top 17 crystals for money that can help you attract more wealth!

Top 17 Crystals For Money Manifestation

Different crystals manifest in the financial aspects of your life in various ways. After all, people’s relationship with money is generally complicated.

It also comes with too many emotions, most of which are hard to explain. There are times when you feel like you need more, even when you already have too much. On the other hand, there are times when you have the money but still feel lonely inside.

Regardless of what you feel your relationship with money is, the following crystals can help you become more aware of abundance and wealth. Note that wealth doesn’t equate to having too much money in your possession in many cases.

These crystals for money and wealth will help you understand what you lack in life and what you value most.

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1. Pyrite

This shiny gem is called “Fools Gold” not because there is anything foolish about it but only due to its appearance. It has the power to clear the negativity that has been hounding you from your past, helping you become more positive and determined to achieve more. You can read more about pyrite here.

crystals for wealth citrine

2. Citrine

This stone has a golden glow and full of brightness and positivity. It also has the power to unblock your solar plexus and help you come out of your shell.

Because of this, it helps bring out your confidence and true nature. It’s easier to deal with life when you have an attitude that you can do anything.

crystals for wealth aventurine

3. Green Aventurine

The power of this crystal goes beyond financial possessions. It’s something you can use once you have decided you are ready for more – spiritual healing, confidence, time, freedom, and love. It heals the heart and gives your soul what it truly wants. A truly worthy crystal for our list of top crystals for money!

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4. Green Jade

This is hailed as one of the most popular crystals for money worldwide and the most powerful stone to attract money. It is often associated with attracting wealth and has also been used in medicine in ancient Chinese history.

5. Tiger’s Eye

The crystal guards your instincts. It tells you when you’ve had enough, when you should stay focused, and keep your feet on the ground. Finally, it also connects you to your roots.

6. Amethyst

This crystal restores peace and helps you obtain higher levels of abundance. In addition, it connects you with your crown chakra, which keeps you holding on even during times of financial struggles.

7. Rose Quartz

This pink crystal connects with the heart chakra. It brings healing and inner peace. In addition, it helps you become more open to love, be loved, and trust other people and, most significantly, yourself.

8. Clear Quartz

It helps in clearing whatever blockages you are keeping inside. It has amplifying energy that makes room in your heart, mind, and soul for abundance and more opportunities.

crystals for wealth agate

9. Agate

The crystal comes in many variants, but the one that can bring in abundance is the Black Agate. It helps you become confident and courageous. It also leads you to dream bigger and realize your potential.

10. Malachite

It helps you commit to yourself first and the ways to achieve wealth before making it easier for you to move forward and succeed. It also lets you let go of the negativity and embrace who you are and what you can be.

11. Lapis Lazuli

In Feng Shui, this beautiful crystal for money is believed to attract prosperity and abundance. It also helps in understanding situations and solving dilemmas.

good luck crystals amazonite

12. Amazonite

Amazonite encourages the flow of inspiration and positivity. It helps connect you with your truth and allows you to become more open to change.

13. Garnet

Garnet has a fiery glow that symbolizes passion. It makes you aware of all the things in the world you can have as long as it is what your heart desires. It also represents working hard and a good living.

14. Sodalite

The sodalite crystal reminds you of the essence of using both your heart and head in deciding what to pursue. In addition, it also helps you in solving problems and thinking positively no matter what.

15. Selenite

It’s a crystal typically used in wands, meaning that it helps you think about what you want and obtain it through the use of your higher being. As a result, it can help you hone your potential and realize that you can be better and have more.

16. Bloodstone

Bloodstone brings out the warrior in you when dealing with life and guarding your possessions. It helps you become more open and prepared in handling money issues and other problems. It also allows you to stay focused despite the high amount of stress and pressure.

17. Peridot

This stone has a vibrant and glistening green color. This stone clears your heart chakra and helps you become more understanding and open. It is also associated with energy, joy, and wealth.

How to use crystals for wealth and abundance

Choose the crystals that fit your needs. Then, analyze your life and personality and obtain gems to help you become better and receive more than what you have now – financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Have the crystal cleansed and consistently have them on your person.

A good idea to cleanse your crystals for wealth is to leave them either outside or by a windowsill every month during a full moon. It is said that the full moon’s energy will cleanse your crystals.

The best way to benefit from your crystals is by wearing them. You can have them turned into pieces of jewelry or accessories. Carry the stones wherever you go so that their energy and positivity won’t ever leave your side.

Final Thoughts

While your crystals for wealth and abundance will help you attract more wealth, it is still up to you; your hard work, perseverance, and dedication to your goals will show you where the pot of gold lies.

These crystals can only help you when you are ready to be better and obtain more than what you have now. They won’t literally bring you money but instead make it easier for you to recognize opportunities and seize every moment until you have realized your dreams and abilities.

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