Copper symbolism: meanings, rituals

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Have you heard the American saying “If you find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck”? A penny is coated with copper, and for a long time, copper has been associated with attracting good luck and love into your life. How can you use copper in your life to attract more abundance, wealth and good luck? In this blog, we share information about copper symbolism and the meaning of copper in a spiritual sense.

Copper symbolism

Several metals around the world have played a significant role in civilization. Among these is copper, which accounts for the third most used industrial metal on earth. It is mostly seen in electrical wires and other electronic devices running through your household or workplace.

However, behind its industrial uses are the notions of its spiritual implications. What does copper symbolize and why is it spiritually important? This will be discussed further in the article as we dive deeper into the essence of copper.

What is Copper?

Copper is a metal element and belongs to group 11 (Ib) of the Periodic table of Elements. It has a symbol of Cu with an atomic number of 29. S

Copper is known for its high conductivity when it comes to electrical and thermal properties which is why you find copper being used in pipes and wiring.

Its color can range from pink to orange in a pure form. However, when it is exposed to air, it turns reddish.

The term copper originated from the Latin word “Cyprium aes,” which means a metal from Cyprus.

Since ancient times, copper has been widely used. Egyptians used copper in medicine as a disinfectant for wounds and sterilizing tools for surgery. In more recent times, it has become helpful in hospitals to inhibit bacterial infections.

Copper is used in jewelry to enhance its quality in terms of flexibility, color, elasticity, and hardness. Metals mixed with copper include gold and sterling silver. In addition, we can see copper is also used in wiring, motor parts, plumbing, or copper roofing.

Copper symbolism copper colored coins poured out of a glass jar.

Spiritual Meaning of Copper

Since copper is derived from the core of the earth, it is seen as magical, mysterious and powerful by those who are spiritual.

Copper is an energy conductor, so it can increase energy that moves through your body, as well as increase your thoughts and play a powerful role when you’re being creative.

Many believe that copper represents spiritual richness. One way to determine the spiritual meaning of copper is through its color.

Root Chakra

A red color exemplifies the root chakra. This means that copper can be affiliated with this type of chakra as it radiates redness. A root chakra signifies a tight junction to the earth, which is close to the origin of the metal. Hence, a piece of copper jewelry can be used as a means of grounding oneself with nature.

Did you know that copper jewelry is also used to help alleviate pain associated with arthritis?

Sacral Chakra

Copper is mostly related to the sacral chakra. This is because of copper’s close match with the color orange. Orange represents creativity. It enables the expression of feelings from a person and transforms it into a creative form. The sacral Chakra and the orange color has spiritual importance in communication, particularly in sexuality.

Heart Chakra

Lastly, there is a linkage between copper and the heart chakra. The color of copper can turn green. This green color manifests in the heart chakra. However, the connection between the two is not as strong as the sacral chakra.

In mythology, copper can regulate the spiritual energy of any form including humans, the mind and spirit, in stones or crystals, or through auras. It has the properties of spiritual healing and protection, which makes it a good tool in building talismans and shields.

Symbolism of Copper

Copper is one of the few metals that have become part of the realm of alchemy. Alchemy is responsible for the transformation of base metals such as nickel, zinc, aluminum, and copper into gold.

If you’ve heard about the classic elements of earth, water, fire and air, these elements were created by alchemists and led to the establishment of pairings of seven known metals to the seven heavenly bodies.

Each known metal has been associated with a corresponding heavenly body and is believed to have spiritual meaning.

Gold is associated with the sun; silver is associated with the moon; mercury with the planet Mercury; copper with the planet Venus; iron with the planet Mars; tin with Jupiter and lead with Saturn.

Copper spiritual properties: the goddess of love

The idea that heaven and earth are connected to one another has long been established, which dates back 10,000 years ago.

Since alchemists have paired copper with Venus, the metal became a wide representation of the planet and its corresponding goddess in ancient times.

As a result, copper is referred to as the goddess of love with respect to its association with Venus.

Romans identify Venus as the goddess of love, whereas in Greek mythology, she is popularly known as Aphrodite. Besides love, Venus also encapsulates fertility, beauty, sex, desire, and prosperity.

The connection between copper and women, which started with Venus, isn’t coincidental. Women have 20% more copper in their blood than men do.  The amount of copper in a woman’s blood is connected to her menstrual cycle. While pregnant, a woman’s copper levels increase to help support her unborn baby.

Another connection between copper and women is the glyph symbol of Venus (a full circle with a cross below it) which is internationally recognized as the symbol for women.

Copper and love

Did you know that the traditional wedding anniversary gift for 7 years is copper? Couples give each other copper gifts for this anniversary. But why copper? Interestingly, the number 7 represents good luck and fortune, and with copper having a connection to Venus and love, it seems appropriate to buy copper gifts for a 7th wedding anniversary.

Metaphysical properties of copper

Since copper is an energy conductor, it has a metaphysical power that spiritual people and healers use when helping to influence energy in the body.

Copper is said to help heal lethargy and restlessness, but also it can stimulate excitability, optimism and motivation.

A healer usually uses copper to transfer healing energy from themselves to the person they are helping to heal.

Sound bowls are often used by healers during meditation as a form of relaxation. These sound bowls are made of different metals but copper is usually one of them.

Meaning of copper in the Bible

Bronze is an alloy that is composed of mainly copper but also tin.

The Bible mentions the bronze serpent when God sent a plague of snakes to the Israelites, and instructed Moses to create a bronze serpent on a pole. Anyone who was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze serpent, would be healed by God. This was done as a way to test the faith of the Israelites and to turn their beliefs towards God.


Copper is more than just a metal you see in your households. We just see it as a simple metal that helps us either in medicine or industrial services. However, underneath its physical appearance lies a deeper meaning that binds us to the spiritual world. It is filled with spiritual properties that have been established way before since its discovery. It carries a sense of responsibility that is to create a door for which change can enter plausibly.

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